How Privasea beach house & off season in Varkala inspired the traveler in me


“There is nothing to worry even if you are lost. It’s safe for women to travel here”, a man on the roadside told when he realized that we lost our way to our homestay, which was little far from the noisy buzz of Varkala. And the old man was true; our tuk-tuk(auto rickshaw) driver took us right to our destination after contacting the caretaker of our homestay.

Privasea homestay

Noisy sea waves invited us and there was this beautiful beach house waiting for us in the midst of the lush green coconut groves, on the beach cliff facing the sea.

In the little conversation with the caretaker, he told us with some disappointment that this is off-season and there won’t be a crowd in the main tourist places. And inside me, I was like. Yaay..! I am here at the right time.

Varkala beach in all its might.

And we bid goodbye to the day by roaming around the Varkala cliff which lined with a number of shops and watching the sunset at one of the beautiful cafes over there.


Back at our homestay, the sea waves were singing full-time lullabies for us to sleep. I had planned to get up early in the morning to capture some sunrise pictures.

A low visibility sea wishes me morning greetings.


But there the offseason Varkala took its turn; I was waking up to the orchestra of showering rain and sea waves; instead of bright yellow morning, a blue painted cloudy morning with very low visibility wished me morning greetings. Again thanks for this fact of offseason, since that’s the first time I witnessed the low visibility sea, which looked like the sea misplaced at a misty hill station.When rain settled down we were out in our shoes on the village road which was beautifully placed between the coconut groves and sea on another side.

Edava village

The place was something like a landscape painting, totally untouched by the tourist resorts, which expects to be hijacked by resorts for its landscape beauty.Some villagers took their seats on the brick paved roadside reading newspapers and some got busy with their fishing loops.

Villagers busy in their daily activities in the countryside.


We got beside one man who was getting his fishing loop ready and started some small talks. The man was initially shy to talk to us but gradually he took the upper hand and gave us a small lecture on fishing.After that, he told us: “there is nothing much to see in this beach. The main tourist place is in Varkala. It is very beautiful, and there are so many shops and resorts even with the helipad. That is a much more developed place”.  And I wanted to tell him that this place is much more heart-melting with its natural beauty and innocence of the people than the artificially beautified resorts. But I kept quiet and took my steps wishing him good luck.

Some places give us the best memories in the most unexpected way; talking with total strangers, getting lost, taking roads without using maps, getting to places which are not in the tourist guides and so on. Take one step out of your comfort zone; it can give you an experience worth enough.

Travel tips:

How to reach:  Trivandrum International Airport is the nearest International Airport from Varkala, which is roughly one hour drive from Varkala. Varkala railway station is the nearest railway station, which is well-connected to all the major cities in Kerala.

Where to stay:  Privasea Sea View Villa, where I stayed and I absolutely loved my stay, which locates in Edava beach 5 km away from Varkala beach. This homestay is little far from the nearest township. There are other accommodations also available at Varkala if you prefer to stay elsewhere.

Getting around:  Two-wheeler is available to hire.

Places to visit around: 

  • Varkala cliff: Watch the sunset at one of the cafes sipping coffee. Option for surfing is also available for surfing enthusiasts at this hippie beach cliff.
  • Kappil beach and Mayyanad beach: Go for an amazing ride with the beach on one side and backwater on another side.
  • Anjengo fort: A place of historic importance, where one can find the remnants of the old English fort.
Flying kite at Mayyanad beach



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