Explore the Unexplored & Celebrate the Culture!

Aren’t you tired of the usual tour packages? Not yet done with dragging your heavy suitcase and doing the usual mechanical tourism? Or your travel stories get limited by taking some photographs and posting it on social media?

I know even you are searching for life-changing experiences and to embrace life in all its might, like me. I welcome you all to join in my journey through this travel blog EARTH’S TENANT.

Wanna know me?

I am Dr.Sneha Thomas. Nope, Dr.Sneha Thomas. Yes! Officially I’m a doctor, completed Doctor of Pharmacy after studying for six long years. But I don’t believe any graduation certificate with academic background alone makes someone worthy enough to hold any designation unless one is passionate and up-to-date on the subject.


Life inside the four walls never excites me as much as the life of catching the wind, feeling the sprinkles of waves, coffee with a total stranger in an unfamiliar land. so I bid goodbye to the professional suit and took this digital nomadic lifestyle.


I was that girl who had a lot of screenshots in my mobile of the places I loved but never had the courage to travel outside my family circle. But somewhere along the time, inspired by the books I read, I decided to travel to Rameswaram – a remote place in India – with two of my friends. I had to explain the complete itinerary to my parents to convince them. And that small journey changed my perspectives towards life and travel.


I do a good research about places before I travel. I interact with locals, take local transports, walk aimlessly through the streets to sink with the culture and to get authentic travel experiences.


How do I make my living? That would be the question dancing in your mind now, right? My same belief that a graduation certificate alone doesn’t make you any professional ended me as a freelance travel writer and photographer without any journalistic or literature background.



And I also know how important it is in life not necessarily to be strong but to feel strong. To measure yourself at least once. Facing the blind death stone alone, with nothing to help you but your hands and your own head.”          -Christopher McCandles

Travel with Earth’s Tenant

Have you ever felt like breaking the stereotypes about life to live your dream? Curious about what is happening on another side of the world? But don’t want to get trapped in the commercialized world of travel? You feel that nobody understands your excitement, something you’ve wanted your whole life. Never get disappointed. Even I have felt the same. There are lots of ways to explore the world in this present day.


Earth’s Tenant is to make you travel through the less taken roads, offbeat destinations and to open the world of different cultures before you. Moreover to make you aware of the moral and spiritual side of travel. This is a platform to rejuvenate your soul, motivate your ‘self’ and inspire you to become a responsible traveller by encouraging responsible tourism. Let’s walk together in this big blue marble to make memories and create milestones.