Hi, I’m Dr.Sneha Thomas, a Pharm.D graduate, finished my studies and out on my travel shoes to explore the world. This is my travel blog to help you with exciting travel tips, inspiring travel stories and beautiful images.

I know even you are searching for life-changing experiences and to embrace life in all its might, like me. I am a Pharm.D graduate, but life inside the four walls never excite me as much as the life of catching the wind, feeling the sprinkles of waves, coffee with a total stranger in an unfamiliar land. so I bid goodbye to the professional suit and took this digital nomadic(freelance writer and travel blogger) lifestyle.


Have you ever felt like breaking the stereotypes about life to live your dream? Curious about what is happening on another side of the world? Dreamed of getting to that place when you stumble upon a beautiful image on Instagram? And nobody understands your excitement, something you’ve wanted your whole life. Never get disappointed. Even I have felt the same. There are lots of ways to explore the world in this present day. Let’s walk together in this big blue marble to make it easier and more accessible.

“And I also know how important it is in life not necessarily to be strong but to feel strong. To measure yourself at least once. Facing the blind death stone alone, with nothing to help you but your hands and your own head.”          -Christopher McCandles  

Wanna know me?

I was that girl who had a lot of screenshots in my mobile of the places I loved, searching for country capitals and images of far-off places and never had the courage to travel outside my family circle. But somewhere along the time, inspired by the books I read, I decided to travel to Rameswaram – a remote place in India – with two of my friends. I had to explain the itinerary with minute details to my parents to convince them. And that small trip changed my perspectives on life and travel.


I do a good research about places before I travel to know the safety. I interact with locals, take local transports, walk aimlessly through the streets to sink with the culture and to get the most authentic travel experiences, which cannot be given by any travel guides.


While travelling, I share my travel experiences with photographs and articles on this blog with awesome travel tips.

How can Earth’s Tenant help you to do your travel dreams?

Earth’s tenant is a travel blog for people who like to break the conventional style of travelling and to perceive a new outlook on the world, by exploring culture, enjoying off-beat destinations and doing adventure activities. This is a platform you’ll get cheap travelling tips, inspirational travel stories, where to go and what to do’s, food tips, inspiring photographs and so on about travelling. So catch up with me and WELCOME TO EARTH’S TENANT.